A brief inspection of the accommodation tells you that this is a boat built for an extended vacation.

The Riviera 47 is built as a Luxury deep sea fishing Yacht with extended range and can stay out at sea for 7 night with provisions of food and fuel to last distances only covered by this type of Yacht.

The Riviera is outfitted with a Junior Bauer dive compressor and full dive gear for 6 persons.

The Riviera is also one of Phukets most exclusive fishing Yachts with top of the line fishing gear and is also set up to carry live bait.

We highly recomend this itinerary for a extended fishing charter

With two staterooms and a third cabin, the Riviera 47 can comfortably accommodate six adults.

The master stateroom is particularly luxurious, well equipped and offers you the comfort of a large double bed
with innerspring mattress. There’s also the comfort of independently controlled reverse cycle airconditioning in this and the other stateroom.

As with everything else aboard the Riviera 47, the fittings and fixtures are all of the highest quality and latest


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