Mutiara Laut

Is a classic two-mast schooner that recalls romantic oceanic adventures of yore and is carefully constructed to cater to your every sea-faring fantasy.

The design of the Mutiara Laut (Pearl of the Sea) is based on that of an 18th century North Atlantic schooner combined with some local Indonesian influence: that of the Traditional “Phinisi-boat”.

Both the exterior and the interior represent a harmonious fusion of eclectic Asian And classic European craftsmanship in an effortless symbiosis of modern stylishness And old world charm. The entire effect – beautifully supplemented by the intricate Carvings of Balinese artisans – is that of a “floating luxury hotel” complete with all the high-end amenities.

Though the streamlined hull and massive sails make for excellent upwind Performance, the Mutiara Laut is built primarily for comfort and safety and allows guests to discover the far-flung nooks and natural splendor of the Asian seas at a Smooth, leisurely pace. It was created with enhanced maneuverability and visibility is At an optimum with specially built-in details such as the raised pilot house and accessible bridge ‘wings’.

In short, the Mutiara Laut is one of the most superbly-engineered charter vessels in Indonesian Waters with its highly experienced Captain and professional crew of 13 Guaranteed to give you a comfortable and safe adventure of a lifetime.



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