Baglietto 85

Has a long history of building Yachts for the Private Luxury Yacht Charter experience, and only delivers the best in Interior and exterior design.

This Baglietto is relatively new to the region and has undergone a total refit in 2010.

The interior of this Private Luxury Yacht is designed to the highest standards and has a sense of clean and relaxing ambiance that only Omni Marine offers its clients.

The Yacht invites up to 20 person very comfortable on day trips and is the perfect yacht for you to entertain your guest may it be a private party, wedding reception, birthday party, or the setting for a private meeting for your company.

The service onboard has the attention to details and the staff is well versed in service that caters to all your needs.

“Complete Freedom is to anchor your private floating hotel off an uninhabited tropical island”


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