Couples seeking the ultimate in luxury, can now explore the Indonesian Archipelago aboard a traditional sailing vessel built just for 2.

I would argue that Alexa is the most romantic Yacht built just for honeymoon and romantic cruises.

I quote Billy Holliday!

(I cigarette that bear’s a lipstick traces, an airline ticket to romantic places!)

With only one expansive cabin on the 31-meter Alexa, cruises are individually tailored to couple’s wishes, from surfing in Sumbawa, trekking and diving in Komodo National Park, or swimming with dolphins in the Flores Sea. Walk on a deserted beach in a far-flung exotic island or just kick back and do nothing at all, aboard what is essentially a luxury floating resort for two.

The design of the Alexa mixes the traditional with the new with refinished original teak, glass and sleek stainless steel, primitive sculpture and well-chosen antiques.

Of traditional Phinisi ( pi-ni-si) boat design, Alexa once carried cargos of spices between Sumba, Flores, Sumbawa and Sulawesi, and is now docked in Flores. Itineraries are entirely flexible and the ship’s 7 crew includes a Cruise Director who is a certified dive instructor, a Resident Spa Therapist, Private Chef and Captain with 15 years navigating experience.

The main deck offers several open lounge areas and on the lower deck is a library stocked with travel books and maps, along with a big screen TV. The original ship’s galley has been replaced with a modern open galley.

Alexa is a totally unique experience, to have an entire ship for you and your partner to play on, to sail stylishly amongst sun-kissed islands, nothing could be more exciting.




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