Villa Yang Som

Villa Yang Som; the very name of this majestic home conjures up images of Asian grandeur, unrelenting architectural inspiration and tropical living on a truly magnificent scale.

Situated on the glorious west coat of Phuket, high on a hilltop where you can almost touch the sky as you view the breathtaking panorama before you that is the Andaman Sea, Surin Bay and the sweeping white sands of Bang Tao. A visual feast for the senses that stretches some 20 kilometres over the green valleys of Phuket to the world famous dome shaped mountains of Phang Na Province.

The delicate play of the Thai style pavilions, balconies and open terraces, combine to create a free flowing symphony of serenity where the gentle ocean breezes caress you as gaze over to the horizon from the shimmering crystal infinity pool. A myriad of colours delight the eyes as the sky is set ablaze at sunset and perfectly complements your relaxed mood and the sundowner cocktails that come alive with tropical fervour.

This impressive 5 suite property inspires expressions of awe in all that enter and remains forever a lasting memory of joy in all that share the privilege of residing in her comforting embrace. If in Asia, the true signature of a tropical house is teak, then the extensive use and perfect execution throughout Villa Yang Som ensure that it resonates with your senses as they are awoken to the sensual vibrations of the tropics.

Indoors or out, the sense of oneness with nature is immediate and ever present: with the tropical sky just above you and the sweeping green valleys below, a constant merging with one’s inner space is evident and only but reaffirms your togetherness with sanctuary.

This is Villa Yang Som.


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