Wedding Honeymoon

I am proud to offer you and your loved one the perfect honeymoon cruise.

Our crews specialize in honeymoons and love to pamper their guests.

Tell us about yourselves and your plans, and we will recommend your special private luxury Yacht and crew.

We look forward to helping you plan the wedding or the honeymoon of your dreams!

The ultimate honeymoon is cruising the waters of south east asia in harmony with the ocean.
Imagine cruising to pristine uninhabited tropical island with nobody but you and your loved one walking along the pure white beach, the ultimate romantic way of spending your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon should be more than just a vacation. It should be a relaxing experience for you and your new partner to unwind after the months of hectic planning for your recent wedding.

A place where you will be served 5 star menus for every meal of the day; where you will enjoy new sights every day and where you are in control of the pace of the day; imagine walking on white sandy beaches and swimming in crystal clear water every day and in some cases, all alone as you stroll the beach

Our aim is to give you the most memorable  honeymoon at the best prices and within your budget.

Can you imagine a more perfect way to start “The rest of your life” together than to be pampered on your own private Yacht while cruising the beautiful and crystal clear waters of south east asia

Imagine a new tropical landscape every day with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs and beautiful sunsets that are reflected in the beautiful waters of south east asia.

As the saying goes “If you can dream it, You can do it…

These special honeymoons were traditionally only reserved for the rich and famous, now you would be amazed at how affordable they can be….


“Love is in the Coconut”

Romantic Cruises

Charter a Private luxury yacht for a romantic weekend or a special evening, birthday or wedding anniversary – choose any of our luxury yachts for your Romantic get away.


Married on the Beach

Married on the Beach

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