Private Luxury Yacht Charter

A private spa Voyage in paradise with Omni Marine on a Private luxury Yacht charter, South East Asia

The most harmonic and peaceful way of doing a retreat to sooth your soul! Is to charter a private luxury yacht with your own yoga guru and a full spa staff to pamper every inch of your body.

Onboard a Yacht you are guaranteed total privacy, complete freedom, your private destination, where nobody can reach or disturb your orgy of health peace of mind and indulgence in pure nature at its pure form.

From the moment you step onboard your choice of private Luxury Yacht, you start winding down, and as the days go by your soul relaxes more and more until you reach the state of total relaxation, where time and thoughts just go by, and things that you had forgotten about comes back to you, flavors and smells becomes pure and strong.

Today people travel to retreats where there are many people around and you have to adjust and follow a schedule that is already set for you and the rest of the crowd that has decided to go to the same retreat as you.

On a Private Yacht charter with Omni Marine it is your own choice of who join you onboard, friends, family or just you on your own!
The time is yours to do with what you feel like at the moment, and the food you eat is prepared of only the freshest ingredients that you composed with the chef prior to the charter.
You may chose to use the chef onboard, or your own private chef that you have chosen for this cruise in paradise.

Omni Marine has variety of world famous chef’s that can be the chef of your choice on your private cruise in paradise.
Please consult me, for a choice of selected world known chefs of your choice and style of food you like for your private charter.

Omni Marine policy of total privacy and confident identity of our clients is key to our success and separates us from the average companies around.

We have personal contact with our clients and tailor each clients’ charter after their personal taste and where and what they want to experience while on a Private luxury Yacht with us.

As some of the destinations can be hard to reach as regular airlines may not operate to some of the Islands.

Omni Marine is proud to liaison and work with private Jet, Seaplanes &helicopters that can reach the most amazing destinations where nature embraces you in its full majestic beauty.

As South East Asia offers waste areas where very few men has been.

Omni Marine can offer you a choice of some of the most exclusive destinations and beautiful deserted uninhabited tropical islands.
For those of you that enjoy the meditation of Scuba diving, and surfing we take you to the waters and surfs where you will have a feast of sightings of large Brakes and a fauna under the surface where you become one with our friends in the sea.

Daily sightings of whales, dolphins, manta rays are some of the animals that would make your cruise in paradise humble you in ways that man almost forgotten.

You will also have the chance of exploring and do some trekking on some of the islands that you encounter while cruising in paradise.

As the Rainy season in Andaman Sea starts, the high season comes to Indonesia and thousands of tropical islands’ awaits you to explore onboard you selected private luxury Yacht.

Please browse our fleet for details.

Contact me for a free consultation, of a selection of Private Yachts and destinations that may be your choice for the cruise of a lifetime in paradise.