Helicopter Transfers Charters

We offer Helicopter services in many countries in South East Asia.

We serve Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong and can arrange your own private helicopter charter in most destinations.

As the Phi Phi island And Ao Nang sevices shall be available this season.

Omni Marine Helicopter Charters is your partner for scenic flights and VIP Travel.

With many years of international experience in luxury travel, we understand your needs not only in the air, but on the Water as well.

Omni Marine Helicopter Charters offers about 50 different helicopter shuttle routes, which have been calculated with fixed prices for fixed routes.

We fly you on the shortest possible flight path from point-A to point-B without hidden costs. The helicopter and all its seats are at your full disposal, flying at the most convenient time for you.

Omni Marine Helicopter services provide a convenient helicopter transfer to and from the locations you desire.

Chartering a helicopter means that you pay for the time you fly.

Where and when you plan to fly is entirely up to you on our helicopter charters.

If you want to take a turn over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok or see world famous Railey Beach on your transfer to Phi Phi- it’s no problem, we’ll take you there.

If you would like to have the helicopter doors removed for shooting photos, we can take them off for you. Simply let us know what we can do for you, to make your journey with Omni Marine Helicopters as memorable and pleasant as possible.

To shoot the perfect aerial photograph or video, we will even take the helicopter’s doors off for you ensuring you capture those rare photographs.

Sitting with the warm breeze coming into the helicopter through the removed door space, is an adventure that photographers will never forget.

Our helicopter pilots are highly experienced and happy to make a preflight plan for your specific location and flight preferences.

With vast experience in the South East Asia, we highly recommend that you consult with us for your itinerary, we can show you shortcuts, fabulous sights off the beaten path, and reveal the extra minutes that you spare through following our routes.

Schedule your “Aerial Filming and Photography” service for normal charter rates. Additional fees may apply for camera rigs rental and set-up.
Please contact us for details.
For aerial filming & photography helicopter flights, normal charter rates apply.


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