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With over 30 years of experience of catering to The top In film, Music, fashion In New York, South East Asia,Europe.

From budgeting and scheduling to permits and permissions and through final accounting, Omni Marine can facilitate every aspect of your production in South East Asia.

Depending on the requirements, genre and scale of the production, we will coordinate location scouting, casting, budgeting, research, obtaining government permits, ordering equipment, dealing with equipment vendors and putting together an appropriately skilled production crew.

We get great deals on equipment.

We know all the labs and telecine houses.

We’ll arrange hotels, travel, transportation and all other movement logistics.

We can assist in customs clearance and shipping requirements.

We can help with virtually any aspect of filmmaking in Thailand, And South east Asia.

Budgeting (and for features, scheduling) Script review (assess possibly sensitive scenes for permissions)

Location scouting/ securing location permits Arranging visas, work permits Securing all Government permissions

Casting talent, extras Hiring freelance crew in all departments Renting equipment: camera, grip, lighting, etc.

Coordinating travel and living arrangements Overseeing shipping, carnet and customs clearance.
Organizing special effects equipment, rigging, pyrotechnics, crew Creating and/or securing props, weapons, set dressing.
Assembling wardrobe creation, purchase, rental/ seamstresses, tailors Arranging transportation, picture vehicles and/ or marine requirements, Putting together a stunt team, equipment, rigging. Hiring storyboard artists, pre-vis or animatic artists. Arranging art department and construction setup Hiring a catering, craft service team
Hiring makeup, hair, prosthetics team, supplies Coordinating with local lab, telecine houses Post production services, editing, film scanning, DI, vfx.

Marine Options

When shooting on water it is important to have experienced marine coordination. Shooting anything on water almost always takes more time than initially estimated. Safety is another key consideration and must be incorporated into any budget and plan.

Whether the production calls for rivers, lakes or ocean shooting, the appropriate marine outfit should be considered. Most of our experience has been on the ocean and on canals and sourcing appropriate craft for camera platforms, safety craft, picture craft, support boats, etc.

Omni Marine also has equipment for underwater 35mm, 16mm and video shooting; underwater grip, lighting and camera housing.

The clarity of the water depends on the area of the country and the time of year.

Omni Marine is a niche private luxury yacht & private jet, helicopter charter company based in Hong Kong offering services throughout South East Asia.

It’s fleet of yachts and helicopters have been used for countless events, photo & film shoots.

With a team with over 30 yrs in the industry of events and yacht & helicopter chartering from New York to the smallest island in South East Asia, Omni Marine is a leader in its industry.

We find that special location that you have been looking for, and provide all logistic service that you need.