Adventures & Safaris


“To enjoy the good life is an understatement of unfathomable proportions”


You as many others are most likely dreaming of some special adventure that you want to experience with your friends or family.

When you work hard you want to play hard, and get the most out of the free time you have.

Imagine to dive with a rebreather and to have more than 2 hours of diving non stop in total silence being one with the ocean!

Or to navigate a Yacht over open waters and crossing oceans with Whales and Dolphins as company along the voyage.

Racing a fast go Rib boat with 600 hp behind you at speeds up to 75Kn and reaching far off islands where nobody else is.

Surf the waves of eastern Philippines, Sumatra, and many other islands where the tubes are a trill of a lifetime.

Have a picnic in the middle of nowhere.

Fly a Helicopter 5 m above the surface of the ocean and land in the middle of the jungle where wild Elephants and Tigers are roaming their turfs at night.

Diving with large schools of Hammerhead sharks and dancing with local tribes in Papua.

A Yoga retreat on a Yacht is about the most relaxing things you can do!

Yoga & Meditation

As we all are free spirits and have our own whimsical way! I look forward to here what adventure you have in mind?

Please contact me direct so we can tailor your exclusive adventure in South East Asia or elsewhere.