Thailand – Burma – Thailand

Itinerary Thailand-Burma-Thailand 

As we offer different options for how to arrive in Burma,I have included the one where you fly into Phuket,Thailand and transfer to Yacht either by Helicopter ,or by car.

Day 1

February 08th early, Pick up at Phuket Airport for transfer to Ban Thap Lamu. (Approx travel time 1 Hour).

From here we take a speed boat to Ranong (Approx total travel time 2-3 hours), and Burma border town Kawthoung,here we stop for clearing out of Thailand and into Burma and the Mergui Archipelago.

(Clearing time Approx 1-2 hours)

Then we leave for Barwell Island, where we should be arriving at around sunset for a quiet, relaxing evening.

Day 2

One dive in the morning and you can go on the beach at Great Swinton Island.
Before lunch departure for Colona Rock, one of the best dive sites to see sharks. We stay for 2 Dives and set sail in the afternoon for Selat Galet a passage between two islands.
This is a perfect Anchorage and will offer you nature pure, as you will see sea eagles, wild pigs and crab eating monkeys.

Day 3

Early start for our sail to Black Rock, one of Burma’s most famous dive sites. If you are lucky you can see up to 5 different species of sharks here. We stay here for two dives and continue afterwards for little Torres Island for another dive in the afternoon. Our night anchorage is at Bailey Island, and you have the chance to do a night dive.

Day 4

First dive on Western Island; continue on to Seargent Island and Tower Rock, with 2 dives in the afternoon. This is Manta country! Mantas and Devil Rays have their homes here and can sometimes be seen in schools of 60 – 70.

Day 5

We dive and explore Manta Home grounds. In the afternoon we will Cruise Little Explored Northern Mergui Archipelago.

Option is to go into Mergui town or continue island hopping.

(This we can leave open and see how you feel)

Very few western tourists have traveled to Mergui in the last thirty years. As it had been closed off by the Myanmar government. The town itself has a great feel about it. With a rich maritime history stretching back over four hundred years there are many interesting places of historical interest to visit.

Day 6

We Cruise towards Tower rock, little Torres, where we dive with mantas again.

Day 7

Morning arrive at Black Rock again and for some great diving.

After Lunch we cruise to North Twin, This Island bears a lot of resemblance to the Similans under the surface, and the highlights are a ridge or plateau to the south and a pinnacle to the north. The ridge is covered in soft coral and sea fans and also homes batfish, groupers and several nurse sharks. A reef along the west coast of North Twin makes a great spot for night dives where crustaceans and Spanish dancers are common.

Day 8,9,10

We cruise towards Three Islets (Shark Cave Island)

This spot is also called Shark Cave Island and has three rocks rising from 40 meters deep to above the surface, it offers some of the best marine life in the Archipelago and cannot all be seen in one single dive. Huge shoals of snappers and fusiliers swirl around you as you begin the descent down the coral covered walls; it is one of the better spots to find harlequin shrimp and harlequin ghost pipefish.

If you’re looking for drama, there is a canyon that leads to a tunnel connecting the northern and southern part of the main, middle island. Here, if you’re lucky, you can witness gray reef sharks swimming in and out of the canyon. The trick here is to hang out against the east side of the wall and just watch. As long as there are not too many divers in the canyon, the sharks will soon lose their shyness and swim very close to you. Up to 12 animals have been seen together.

“Here we shall consider to cruise into Ranong and check into Thailand for Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock�? and do some diving On day 9 and 10 or to Stay in Burma until day 10 in the morning for speedboat transfer back to Baan Thap Lamu.

(We can leave this open, as you may like some of the other sites we have visited and may want to stay)

All Itineraries are suggestions that can be tailored towards your special request.