Solar Eclipse Cruise in Indonesia Raja Ampat – Cendrawasih Bay

Solar Eclipse Cruise 2016,Starting 01.03.2016


Day to Day itinerary

D1 : Embarkation in Sorong and cruise to Batanta island

Sorong – Batanta ..20 nm


Batanta – Farondi island …80nm cruise overnight.


D2 : Farondi islands

Cave diving


D3 : warakaraket – Yilliet islands

Diving and explore


D4 : Lenkafal – Wagmap island

Amazing reef formation and cliffs


D5 : Tomolol Bay – East of Missol

Swimming in the caves and cliffs painting

Missol – Penemu 80 nm


D6 : Penemu island

Hidden bay,paddleboarding and short hike to the top of the cliffs

Penemu – Wayag 50 nm


D7,8,9 : Wayag Island – Solar Eclipse north of Wayag 60 nm overnight

Stunning limestone formation,diving,DSD diving,snorkeling,tender ride,watersport,BBQ,Hike to the top of the cliffs,then cruise overnight toward north of wayag on the 9th around 01.00 am.

Eclipse point 09.00 am – Kawe island 70 nm arrive by sunset.


D10 : Kawe island

Dive and celebrate the crossing of the Equatorst ( one of the best dive site in Raja Ampat )

Kawe – Wofoh 16 nm


D11 : Wofoh island

Twin island wth beautifull coral garden and good for watersport.

Wofoh island – Gam 30 nm


D12 : Gam island – Manta ray point

Bird of Paradise and dive,snorkeling with manta ray


D13 : Kri island,,,sail overnight to Mios Su 80 nm

Diving among the big schools of fish and beautiful corals


D14 : Mios Su – Sansapor Beach,,Turtle conservation

Dive wreck and turtle watching ( Leather back Turtle )

Mios Su – Maonokwari overnight cruise 125 nm


D15 : mansinam island

Day for Resupply, wreck dive and snorkeling

Mansinam island to mioswaar island cruise overnight 70 nm


D16 : Mios Waar

Mios waar island – Roon island 30 nm

Beach ,snorkelling ,watersport, barbecue.

D17 : Roon island

Roon island – Kwatisore,,50 nm

Cultural visit of the village,

D18,19 : Kwatisore,,for whale shark

Kwatisore – Mios Auri 75 nm

Swiming and diving with the whale sharks, visit of the villages


D20 : Mios Auri islands

Mios Auri – Rumberproon 40 nm

Atoll with beautiful reef


D21 : Rumberproon island

Rumberporoon island – manokwari 55 nm

Exploring with the tender ,picnic, snorkelling


D22 : Manokwari,,Disembarking.