Raja Ampat Scuba diving safari

“Sorong” on the so called “bird’s head” of Irian Jaya or recently renamed to West Papua is the starting point of our journey to the islands of the four kings “Raja Ampat” a sailing cruise to the best kept secrets of nature. Thousands of flush green limestone islands with turquoise blue lagoons and hidden beaches. Sacred caves to explore and rare bird’s to watch. Discover the pristine reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving. Surely the lady’s favorite will be the visit to a pearl farm where we can see and get explained firsthand the cultivation and harvesting of the “pearl of the sea”.

“The following trip sample is a guideline and overview of what could be possible for the timeframe given. However; once at site we will discuss and chose with you, the right dive sites and schedule, according to the weather condition e.g. wind, waves but also ambient light and water conditions e.g. tide, current and visibility.”

Last but not least, we try to avoid too many other dive boats and divers and therefore we might stay flexible and dive another spot than scheduled, just to return when everyone has moved.


After arriving (early morning) at Sorong airport it’s just a short (10min) ride to the harbor, where we embark the Mutiara Laut. It will take us 4-5 hours to reach the first world-class dive site at “Kape Kri”. According to Dr. Gerry Allen “This is the place on earth with the biggest marine life diversity!”


Sardine-reef & the famous “passage”. Nowhere else you’ll find more fish species, hard and soft corals, sponges, pigmy-seahorses, nudibranches, shrimps and crabs and all kind of non-vertebrates like cuttle fish and octopus or wobbegong sharks and the newly discovered epaulet or walking shark!!


Short ways have to be made to reach from one site to the other and with the tide going down, the gathering of the mantas begins at their cleaning station, just 5m below surface. With the returning tide we move over to the mainland of Mansuar and its fast coral gardens.


This little group of islands is known for its healthy population of Wobbegong-sharks and its massive giant clams. The huge coral garden is nearly indescribable and home to a very healthy fish population. Between or after the dives we take you out for a tender ride to hidden beaches and azure- blue lagoons. Waigeo & the pearl farm


Its Critter time, the plankton rich waters of Aiju bay hosts a thresher chest! You’ll find Inimikus and Pegasus, and a great number of Nudibranches ink. “Cromodoris tigris’. The abundant of rare births like Hornbill and Cacadu will awake you in the morning with a concert from the trees just a few meters away. The guys from the pearl farm might even show us a couple of salt water crocodiles in the far back of the bay! Depending on their production status, we will get invited to the production plant and can see firsthand the cultivation and the harvesting of pearls! Surely not something you’ll see everyday. Eagle rock


Is just around the corner and we have more than enough dive sites around us to stay in the area or to move on if weather permits. Kri


If you have a dive site like Kap Kri there is nothing wrong with going back to the start where we begun. Depending on your flight schedule the day after we might have time for 1 or even 2 more dives at this incredible site. Please keep your eyes and ears open during our cruise back to Sorong, the 4-5 hours we sail the Dampier Strait we will have good chances to see div. spez. of Whales including Orcas! Sorong


According to your flight schedule at the appropriate time we‘ll guide you back to the airport help you with formalities, wish you farewell and hope to see you soon again aboard the Yacht Of Your Choice.