Bali – Lumbok – Kumodo – Moyo – Bali


Day 1


Around 10 o’clock in the morning transfer to the Yacht of your choice which is waiting for you in the harbour for an immediate departure towards the Komodo National Park. We sail all day and moving to the east and across the Lombok strait or the so called Wallace Line, named after the British naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace, which marks the evolutionary zone separating the flora and fauna of subtropical Asia from that typically found in Australia.

Day 2


We will arrive in Satonda the next morning and have a relaxing day ahead of us. Satonda is a relatively small Island with an extinguished volcano and a mystical crater lake. Local’s belief that the spirit of the lake fulfil wishes if you place ornaments on his surrounding trees, where also thousands of “Flying foxes” or fruit bats rest during the day.

The Island is beautiful and ideal for exploration and snorkelling on the pristine reef. After sunset and watching the spectacular departing of the “Flying fox armada” on their way to the nightly fruit feast on Sumbawa Island.


Day 3

Sumbawa Island

The next morning we arrive in Wera at the east coast of Sumbawa and visit a Buginese settlement, famous for their boatbuilding skills, passed on over hundreds of years from one generation to another, very much the way the Yacht was built.

Around lunch onward sailing to Sangean another perfect shaped Volcano Island with lush green hills, black sandy beaches and rich wildlife, before we continue to Banta with its beautiful coral gardens and the perfect anchorage for the night.

Day 4


Extinct elsewhere in the world the Komodo dragon still roam the rugged terrain of Komodo National Park. With luck you will view these prehistoric reptiles in the wild escorted by a local ranger. On our early morning hike we will be likely to spot the herds of roaming wild ponies, groups of macaque monkeys, wild buffalo, wild boar and many birds.

The reminder of the day will be free to snorkel, dive or swim in clear turquoise waters. The fantastic variety of undersea life which abounds on the teeming coral reefs vies with the rose-colored sand beaches for attention.

After dinner on deck lay back and learn about the stars of the southern hemisphere.

Day 5


Rinca lies right next to Komodo, as the second biggest Island in the National Marine Park and World Heritage Site; it’s probably the richest in term of fauna. In the morning we have another possibility to go trekking in the search for wild horses, water buffalo, monkeys, many birds like cockatoo and other parrots and of course the famous Komodo dragon.

After lunch onward sailing to close by Sabolon Island, once arrived at the secluded and deserted Island we have time for swimming, snorkelling or to stroll along the beach to collect seashells and to explore the interior while we set up a beach BBQ for you.

Day 6

Today the activities will depend upon tides and currents as well as the guest’s interests including snorkelling, diving, fishing, kayaking or hiking.

Choices include many word class marine sites such as Batu tekat, Toko toko and the passage where we likely will spot the giant manta ray and if we are lucky even dolphins.

If the winds are favourable the Yacht will hoist the sails in the afternoon on our way to Moyo but before that, we have to hike the local summit to enjoy a spectacular panorama over the moonscape Islands of the Komodo archipelago and the mainland Flores.

Day 7

Moyo is another nature reserve with a rich wildlife, after we go ashore with our tenders and stroll through the local village; we undertake a short walk through the thick green forest to arrive at the idyllic and beautiful waterfall and his pools for a swim. We may also have a small picnic here before we had back to board the Yacht one more time and slowly start cruising back to Bali around midday.

Our last evening aboard, cruising under the guidance of the Southern Cross, we’ll enjoy the farewell party with the musicians from our crew for a last time before we arrive in Bali the next morning.

Disembarking in south Bali before lunch, we’ll arrange all the necessary transports to your next hotel or airport; again wish you farewell and say thank you and hope to see you again aboard.