Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands, part of the union territories of India, is made up of over 550 islands, islets and rocks, situated in the southeastern part of the Bay of Bengal, approximately 800 km northwest of Phuket.

These islands remain relatively isolated and only 26 are actually inhabited. Some islands are strictly out-of-bounds, like North Sentinel, where the indigenous tribes are among the last people to remain totally untouched by the modern world. Notable for deserted beaches, crystal clear waters, inland forests, and India’s only active volcano, the Andaman Islands are also a scuba diver’s paradise: with deep vertical wall dives, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, dugong, and very good underwater visibility.

The weather between December and April is characteristically dry, with clear blue skies, and refreshing sea breezes.

Please Note:

Cruising in the Andaman requires permits, which must be arranged well in advance. The rules in this territory mean that guests can –

A) Arrive by flight for embarkation aboard the Yacht of your choice in Port Blair, then depart by flight

B) Embarkation aboard the Yacht of your choice in Phuket, 48 hours sail to Andaman, clearing in at Port Blair, and depart by sail back to Phuket for disembarkation

However, due to regulations guests are not permitted to sail into Andaman, and fly out from the Andmans (or fly into Andaman and sail out).

If you wish to avoid the 2-day passage, we recommend to fly into Port Blair, Andaman, to meet the Yacht of your choice.

Daily flights to Port Blair, Andaman, are available from:

  • !  Chennai, India
  • !  Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India

Private Jet can also be arranged from any city in South East Asia, we strongly recommend to charter the G200

Sample Itinerary

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary and it can be adjusted and adapted according to your preferences.

Cinque Island Chain

Day 1 – 2

Embarkation aboard the Yacht of your choice in Port Blair, set sail and head south for the Cinque Islands. Here there is a great area for anchorage and exploring, with underwater coral gardens and unspoiled beaches, trekking through the islands where rare birds, spotted deer and wild boar can be seen.

In South Cinque there are dolphins, turtles, and manta rays and the islands are ideal for your first diving experiences in Andaman.

Passage Island & Invisible Bank

Day 3

Two great dive sites. Fish rock, near Passage Is- land offers an extremely colourful dive, with mil- lions of fish. The topography consists of rocky slopes, boulders and drop-offs, featuring huge fan corals and may basket sponges. At Invisible Bank the concentration of fish is incredible, and the topography is fairly dramatic, with scattered rocks over a sandy bottom. Grey and Whitetip reef sharks are almost always in the vicinity, as are nurse sharks.

Day 4 – 6

Passage to north to the Havelock and Lawrence Islands. There is a village on the North coast of Havelock where you can swim with an elephant* in the ocean.

Havelock and Lawrence Islands

There is good fishing around these islands, as well as sea kayaking through pristine mangroves. Dugongs live in the waters surrounding these islands and have been seen on several occasions.

*Totally amazing experience, but also helping to save the elephant from life in a logging camp

Day 7

Barren Island Volcano

Early morning passage to Barren Island, the only active volcano in India, with sheer sided walls that drop to great depths. The surrounding waters are gin-clear and offer some great drift dives for experienced scuba divers. The fishing is incredible; this is the place to catch big fish.

Day 8 – 9

Button Islands

Sail through the Lawrence Passage to the Button Islands. Explore the mangrove habitats in the passage where massive crabs and sea eagles abound. The Button Islands have lovely deserted beaches and underwater life. The horseshoe shaped bay on the Southern side of North Button Island is a truly stunning spot. Off the beach is excellent snorkeling and swimming and wild animal tracks are often founding the sand.

Day 10 – 11

Long Island and Campbell Shoals

Long island offers beautiful long sandy beaches and evergreen forests. The seas around this island are frequented by dolphin convoys, diving is recommended at Campbell shoals with its magnificent underwater ledge. From there we can also travel north to visit the village of Rangat.

Day 12 – 13

Colonial History

Begin the passage back to Port Blair by sailing south to the Middle Button Islands, then Havelock. Upon arrival in Port Blair on day 13 you will have the chance to explore the remnants of the British Raj Headquarters on Ross Island, while in Port Blair itself you can visit the infamous Cellular Jail where Indian freedom fighters were held during British colonial times.

Port Blair

Day 14

Transfer to airport for return flight home.