Ambon – Banda – Misool – Raja Ampat

11 Days / 10 Nights

“Ambon” Island lies off the south-west coast of the much larger Seram Island.
Wild areas of Ambon Island are covered by tropical rainforest; it is on the north side of the Banda Sea, part of a chain of volcanic isles that form a circle around the sea.

The “Banda Sea” is one of Indonesia’s deepest oceans, at the most more than 6.500 m deep. At the center of the sea south of Seram there are a small group of ten islands, called the Banda Islands. All of the islands are of volcanic origin; they are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs with a large variety of fish.

“Misool” is an area with thousands of limestone isle within “Raja Ampat”, which have been pushed up throughout the millennia’s and nature master crafted these wonderful sceneries.
Of course these impressive sights continue underwater.
You are in the hard of the coral triangle, in the bull’s-eye of biodiversity.
Nowhere else you’ll find more fish species, hard and soft corals, sponges, pygmy-seahorses, nudibranches, shrimps and crabs and all kind of non-vertebrates like cuttle fish and octopus.
Wobbegong sharks and the newly discovered epaulet or walking shark!!

Flight to Ambon

Day 1

After arrival in Ambon early afternoon, we will find the Yacht of your choice in the bay of Ambonia.
After settling in on board, we can go for the first world- class muck-diving at the so called Laha.

Day 2 – Saparua

The Islands of Saparua, Nusa Laut and Haruku are host to some of the most incredible underwater scenery’s, there is abounded fish life which explains some of the biggest schools of dolphins which call the area home and rare species of whales are seen regularly as well.
We will anchor over night in the shallow bay of Paperu and hope to be lucky and spot a Dugong feeding in the sea grass.

Day 3 – Banda

Arrival around noon in Banda. Our first stop will be Ai Island, one of the locations popular by the early colonialists for growing spices, notably nutmeg.

Behind the local village we find Fort Revenge, a name testifying of the wars waged between colonial powers in the 17th century.

Subsequently we will wash away our transpiration over one of most gorgeous coral reefs. Midday sail to Banda naira, the capitol of Banda, passing the towering volcano of Gunung Api. With the Yacht of your choice at anchor in front the hacienda style hotel Maulana, we may stroll around the small colonial town with its restored planter’s mansion, fort’s and churches.

But we are not just here for the history; several top dive sites lie very close by such as “Batu Kapal” with his massive schooling fish or the “Lava flow” where within short years only grow a massive coral garden which is unmatched!

But hey! The dusk dive in front the “Hotel Maulana” and the Mandarin fishes and Frogfishes and, and, and many more are sure a high light as well.

Day 4 – Pulau Koon

Legendary “Larry Smith” called it “too many fish place” since most photographer get confused about which object they wane shot first. It is in fact a Aquarium full of fish in all size and forms, from “Giant Groupers” to schooling “Jacks”

Day 5 – Fiabatjet

This is it !! The most wonderful reefs are waiting for you. The abundance of corals, different sponges and fish is nearly unbeatable.
We should do several dives at the 3 spots, since they have so much to offer.
Theses masses of fish swimming around those wonderful coral gardens are an impressive view and will satisfy every diver’s wishes and dreams.
Of course we will come across precious macro as well: seahorses, nudibranches and ghost-pipe fish and lots more are on the program!

Day 6 – Wajil Batan

“Gorgonian forest” is probably the only right description for this incredible wall of Gorgonians, which span easily more than 2 meters! You might shake your head when we tell you we only do 1 or 2 dives here, but just a bit down the street we are maybe able find the newly discovered and extremely rare and even much harder to find “Hippocampus Potoni” which is in average only 5mm “big!!”

Day 7 & 8 – Farondi / Gamfi / Jilliet / Boo

The spot we choose is „Vrenelies Gärtli“. A blue- hole, over-hangs, grottoes and dive-troughs, drop offs and all covered in fantastic soft corals is what makes this place so great.

Since this spot is so huge and offers so much diversity, we can easily offer several dives here. We have to wait until the tide goes down again and the current moves s/w that’s when we have the big sardine bait- balls just around the corner in Gamfi.

After and between the dives there is enough time to go on trips on our zodiacs to admire the wonderful landscape that gives hand to what you have seen underwater.

Day 9 & 10 – Kri & Mansuar

The last two days we spend around Kape Kri , Blue Magic and the manta cleaning stations, which are just some out of many sites we can choose from here, we will decide on which one we dive depending on the current and tide which provide the best conditions to see big fish.

Day 11 – Sorong

All good things come to an end and so dos our journey back from history. After our last breakfast on board we will bring you back to the airport, do the check in for you and do the formalities, wish you a pleasant flight back and hope to see you again.

Please note that all itineraries are suggestions and we are always flexible and can make a itinerary that is tailored to your wishes!