Pure freedom is anchoring your floating hotel off an uninhabited tropical island.
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Sail beyond the Limestone Monoliths rising from the Andaman Sea, cruise into virgin rain forests, ethereal beaches and stunning waterfalls where a secluded paradise awaits.

Thailands Phang Nga bay is perfect for luxury boat charters and its beauty will take your breath away.

Discover natures undeniable mastery and enjoy the tranquil state of mind that only chartering a private luxury Yacht can offer.

A luxury Yacht cruise here is a dream come true.

Phang Nga

The Phang Nga bay is located in a sheltered bay that stretches from Krabi to Phuket and Phang nga, dotted by fantastic limestone islands and deserted beaches.

Phang Nga is by far one of the worlds safest and calmest Yacht charter seas.

It has perfect places to moor and anchor, and so many boutique hotels that are situated around the coast line where you can do spa treatments like at the Evasons, or in the new Ritz Carlton Reserve “Phulay Bay”. Enjoy lunch with fine wines and look out over the bay, with the private Yachts floating beyond the beaches.

The variety of private Yacht options for luxury charter is grand and the service aboard these yachts are only the best.

From day charters to overnight Yacht charters that take you on the cruise of your life, you can visit many of the cruising destinations, learn about the local history and relax in the lavish interiors of these great private Yacht charters.

Raya Islands

Raya Islands is a wonderful day trip location with year-around snorkeling and diving. The three islands of this group are just an hour ride away and feature the stunning white sandy beach of Paradise Bay
Framed by an incredible living coral bed, the bay is home to a Technicolor world of tropical fish.
Racha Yai, the largest of the islands, has recently been developing into a tourist destination on it own with a number of bungalows and resorts opening up over the last few years. This is great place to stop for lunch on your way through.

Similan Islands

Heading up the coast towards Burma is what many consider the most beautiful group of islands (and dive sites) in Thailand.
Nowhere else in the region will cruisers and divers find such diverse environments in such a small area from November to April.
Located about one hundred kilometers northwest of Phuket, the Similans, are composed of nine granite islands covered in tropical jungle, washed by a clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with some of the world’s finest beaches. Cruisers in search of large fish, such as whale sharks can continue up the coast to Burma Banks and Richelieu Rock.

Phang Nga Bay

Renowned for its stunning, sheer limestone cliffs that magically jump straight out of the sea, Phang Nga National Park is a 400-kilometer region where tropical dreams come true.
This incredible cruiser’s paradise offers year-around calm waters and many safe places to anchor.
Just a short day trip from Phuket, the bay boasts a vast array of adventures such as cave exploring and small-island hopping. Stop in at Koh Pannyi (Sea Gypsy Island) or Koh Jao Noi and Koh Hong(Room island)with it’s fantastic lagoon,with emerald color water, for a quick visit on your way through to the Krabi region.

Krabi Town Region

Heading east through Phang Nga Bay, Krabi Province continues to wind through the limestone cliffs and coral-fringed islands of the Andaman Sea until you reach the popular tourist areas of Rai-Le
Beach, Ao Nang and Krabi Town. This region features year-round diving, snorkeling and cruising.
Popular with rock-climbers and beachcombers, Rai-Le Beach offers safe anchorage with a spectacular sunset acting as a backdrop to the white sand beach. Ao Nang and Krabi Town, with their good assortment of restaurants and shops, is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon sampling the local Thai cuisine and stocking up for your cruise onward.

Phi Phi Island

Made famous by the movie “The Beach” this Krabi Province group of islands offers year-around snorkeling, diving, beach life (and partying).
Phi Phi Islands are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

South of Krabi, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le feature many popular (and crowded) snorkeling and dive spots. The protected area of Ton Sai Bay on Phi Phi Don has safe anchorage with good facilities and restaurants in abundance… a great place to spend a day or two before continuing on your journey

Krabi & Trang Islands

Down the coast from Krabi Town are an abundant of private bays and coves that are in full splendor from November through April. This is where many of our “secret” destinations are hidden
The area offers a multitude of incredible (many secluded) white-sand island such as Ko Lanta, Ko Nagi, Ko Kradan and Ko Rok. Snorkeling and diving in the region is also spectacular featuring Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, which are rated as one of the world top dive sites.
Those wanting a longer and more private journey can continue down the coast to Ko Lipe, Ko Tarutau and Langkawi.