As the world is becoming more and more crowded place and transportation from one side of the globe to the other can be done in less than 24 hours!

Malaysia, and the large Island of Borneo is so rich in culture that you would have to spend a lifetime just to scratch the surface of its habitant and natural fauna.

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“It is better to start a voyage than end one”

On cannot start to imagining how real leatherback men like The Explorer Alfred Russell Wallace must have thought when he spend almost 2 decades exploring South East Asia by Sailing Yachts,and by foot.

Can you imagine the pure freedom you have when you just anchor your own floating hotel of an uninhabited tropical island, and jump into the crystal clear ocean and swim with all our friends that are still so pure and unaware of the monsters man have become in the quest for wealth and material possessions, first then can you see the true meaning of just being free of stress and be one with mother nature.

“God Is in the Coconut”

Omni Marine is proud to give you the chance to Charter a Private Luxury Yacht in these waste waters of true cruising in paradise.

“In sunsets we trust”