Private Dive Charter Burma: Mergui Archipelago

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to read my Blog, which I write this out of  pleasure

I just can’t stop myself from sharing these amazing destinations,in this news letter I have shared an itinerary for Burma,that some people call Myamar.

Its been 12years seen’s Icame to Thailand and thought it was paradise,and Burma is connected to Thailand in so many ways, but has yet been so distant! full of mysteries and mythical stories.

Today it feels so great to be able to share this and the cruising here is just epic due to its nature and people that are so spiritual and welcoming.

The purpose of this newsletter is to share & promote South East Asia as a cruising destination for Yachts of all types and sizes.

“Please click on destinations on the right, for more in depth information on destination here in Paradise”

The old school of division and snobbery between Sailing Yachties’ and Motor Yachties’ is an old barrier that should be a distant memory.

The love for nature and great company should be enough to bond together and rendezvous together at some moorings at uninhabited tropical islands where BBQ and strong spirits are shared with open minds and love giving people.

Over the past decade cruising the costal waters of South East Asia, I have been fortunate to see and meet people with the same passion and love for nature and Yachting.

As the world gets more people every day and the way we travel in modern times takes us to places far beyond the way our legs can carry us, the craving for nature and its majestic beauty is becoming more precious to us, as we are living so close to other people and bigger cities are becoming overwhelmingly cramped and polluted.

We want to get back to nature as it was given to us, when we still did not have the means to overrun and abuse it like we do today.
The encounter with large animals touches our souls in a way only our ancestors could feel at ease with.
This is what we want to get back to and share and nourish the humble power of nature that moves us into the right direction of mankind.

I am proud to say that today Omni Marine can offer you Yachts in all price ranges and prestine exotic destinations like AndamanIslands(India),Philippines,Palau,Indonesia,Thailand,Burma,Malaysia,

Singapore,Borneo,Vietnam,Cambodia,China and all the way trough the wallace line trough the ring of fire to farway places like Papua and Iranjaya

“The ultimate way of winding down and bonding with friends and nature is to be on a Yacht away from the stress and pressure that everyday city life entails”.

Private Dive Charter Burma: Mergui Archipelago